Saturday, September 8, 2012

What did actually happen on Wednesday 29 August?

How did it happen that Elin, Oscar and Filip decided to be born on 8/29?

Already on Thursday August 23, Anna started to say that something was starting to feel differently. The babies' movements were hard to tell apart from possible contractions. The hospital told us to wait until the scheduled visit on the 29th, when we were to have a routine check with an ultra sound scan (as many times before).

When the Wednesday came, we went to the check-up. Measuring the babies proved to be almost impossible - it was too crowded - but all three seemed to be doing fine. The neonatologists  recommended that a scheduled cesarian should wait at least 15 days further (36 full weeks), if possible.

But Anna insisted, something was different and she asked the obstetrician to do further checks on her. The doctor then found that one baby actually had started to push itself out, bottom first. That was argument enough for the doctor who quickly said "it'll happen today or tomorrow". It took two more minutes to find out that Thursday was a really busy day at the hospital, so the sooner the babies could come out, the better. Based on when Anna had eaten breakfast it was decided; 2 o'clock, just short of four hours later.

Now everything happened at a quick pace; we were moved to the delivery ward, Anna got pre-meds, showered and changed clothes; I called baby sitters (for the kids back home) and family. I even managed to eat the quickest lunch ever. Amongst all this Anna actually started to get contractions and got new meds to stop a too hastily delivery.

At 1.30 we were sent of to the OR. We had to wait a few minutes extra for all nine doctors and nurses who were to take care of the babies to arrive, but at 2.05 the actual surgery started. Anna was awake with a spinal block as the only anesthetic. I was sitting by Anna's head and we both had a "curtain" blocking the line of sight to what the doctors were doing.

But when one doctor at 2.20 said "they're about to come out now" I couldn't stop myself from standing up and to look at what was actually happening. So I got to see Elin come out, bottom first at 2.22. The midwife took her and walked around to show her to Anna and me, before Elin was brought out of the OR to one of the teams waiting just outside the door.

The doctors preceded to the second baby. This time I got to see the baby's water spray up some 10 inches before Oscar came out head first. The midwife gave us a opportunity to see Oscar too, before he was brought out to his team.

Finally Filip came out bottom first, and he was brought by us and out to his team. Filip was actually the only baby that cried already in the OR, Oscar had made a few sounds but Elin was silent and a bit blue.

When three babies were out I remember checking with the doctors that they now knew for sure that there wasn't any more to come. And they assured me that that was it. (After all surprises during the pregnancy, I was ready for anything - but also sighed of release knowing this was it.)

During the 20 minutes after being born the babies were wiped off, checked and treated at the stations in two different rooms just outside the OR. I ran back and fourth, didn't know what baby to see to, took photos and went back to Anna a number of times to show the photos and to tell her what was happening.

Filip was rolled off to the ICU first, possible because he was so alert from the start, and didn't need any special treatment. Elin and Oscar needed a bit of extra help getting the water out of their lungs and get the breathing going. Oscar had to wait for his transport - but when the incubator came it was brand new and the best available.

I observed while the surgeon stitched Anna back together. The doctor had promised to do a really good job, and I think she did.

I followed Oscar to the ICU, while Anna was rolled off to be observed until she could move her feet again. We then regrouped at the ICU all five of us!

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