Saturday, September 8, 2012

Babies all over!

There are babies all over in this place! And we just might be getting "the idea of having many of them".

We were used to do one thing with one baby. We have experience in this field. But I think we have realised that we can't do everything times three - you need to be smarter than that. So Anna had two babies (Filip and Elin) inside a "tube top" while resting and later feeding them.

Changing dipers is also not very practical to do one baby at the time whenever you realise that it is needed. No, we grab a pile of dipers, wipies and paper/plastic covers (to save the bedding) and change all dirty dipers in one go. That might be one or two, but more often three, four or five. (Dipers doesn't stay clean that long around here, so after having changed on all three babies, most of the times you need to start over somewhere immediately.) We haven't done two "full circles" at one go yet, but that is just a matter of time. 

It's a bit hard to pick up all three babies in one go. Many times someone is sleeping, one is happy and one would like to be held for a while. Other times all three seem very happy just being together, and then it feels wrong to pick up one. But once in a while we actually get an opportunity to snuggle with all at the same time!

But the most fun at the moment, I think, is to just watch when all three are awake and lying next to each other in bed. They are already started to fight and mess with the other siblings!

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