Friday, September 21, 2012

Two days at home

We were able to leave the hospital on Wednesday and go home. The triplets need to put on weight but are not in need of any medical treatment or monitoring anymore.

In the last minute "our" doctor decided to allow us to stay at home for two nights before going back for checks today, Friday. Usually one night at the time is routine. I know now this was a very wise decision.

The first night at home was one I'll remember. The babies decided on having a party that night; being awake and keeping their parents awake from midnight to 3.30 AM... And since they should eat at 6 AM we got something like two hours of sleep...

If we had had a scheduled visit for checkups on Thursday, chances are that Anna and I would have taken the opportunity to move back to the hospital. The support there helped us a lot, making it possible to get enough of sleep.

Instead we spent the Thursday at home and settled in a bit. And the second night was much better; we fed the triplets for half an hour at midnight and 3 AM, and again at 6 AM, and we all slept well in between.

When we returned to the hospital today we were in good spirit. Oscar and Filip had put on weight at home, while Elin weighed the same as when we left on Wednesday. But that was acceptable.

So the ward resupplied us with more dipers and a few other things and asked us to return on Tuesday, four days from now. I guess they trust is being able to take care of these three...

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