Friday, November 30, 2012

Record in synchronized sleeping

This night all three slept from 11 pm until 4.30 am (and then Filip and Elin woke up, while Oscar continued sleeping). That's a new record and a great step forward. Keep it coming, babies! :)

Saturday, November 24, 2012

In sync or not?

Since Elin, Oscar and Filip started sharing one bed and we took care of the feeding ourselves at the hospital, have we fed them in sync. The idea was that if one was allowed to continue to sleep when the others were fed, he or she would wake up soon demanding food - and as a consequence we would never get more than an hour of sleep at the time. So we chose to always feed all three at the same time.

We have lately left this philosophy, or are at least questioning it. Oscar has twice slept through a full night without eating. Elin and Filip are gradually sleeping longer and longer. Waking up two kids to feed them sometimes causes quite some noise and that half hour is far from cozy.

So most nights these days we just pick up the baby that starts to wake up, quickly feed and put him or her back to sleep. Many times one of us can do this without waking up any other person. This way many nights are now less noisy and we get more sleep.

But it doesn't work all nights - now and then the method keeps us both up for hours... Everything has pros and cons.

Monday, November 19, 2012

A small shipment

Today we received a small shipment of diapers, sponsored by Pampers (P&G). 16 bags with something like a thousand diapers. Those will last us a few weeks! ;)

The older kids loved the bags since they could use them as big building blocks.

Saturday, November 17, 2012

An engineers help to a triplet parent

Feeding three at a time is something that calls for a bit of skill and imagination - or some assistance from an engineer.

We've two sets of the so called Podee bottles. These combine a bottle and flexible tubes. The movement the baby makes on the nibble causes suction that pulls milk from the bottle through the tubes. This way the baby can drink without anyone holding the bottle. :)

It works great when the baby has gotten familiar to the nibble. Filip is a pro, Oscar is learning and Elin still prefer the regular bottles.

Friday, November 16, 2012

Oscar chocked?

We introduced pillows yesterday evening. All fell asleep quickly but I guess Oscar was a bit chocked by this new thing - he slept the full night, from midnight to 6.30 AM!!!

Saturday, November 10, 2012

A look in the rear view mirror

It's almost two weeks since I last wrote anything "long" here... We've been busy.

The week before this one was fall break at school. We chose to give Siri a break from daycare too. My mom came up from Malmö to give us two much needed hands that week. With eight people the week was rather busy and the house crowded.

The pumpkin carving party at some friends house was a great. This is a tradition that we've been part of for three years. A Swedish-American family that we know invites their friends (many of them also Swedish-American) to mingle and carve pumpkins. We love this company - and the result that we have at least one nice pumpkin in time for Halloween.
This year's pumpkin turned out as an Angry Bird.
I never mentioned here at the blog the result of the hearing check-up during the fall break week. Oscar and Filip had their ears checked (the third attempt). This took more than half a day, and the result was for the most part something positive. It was confirmed that both boys hear well. Perhaps they cannot hear the low sounds like the ticking from a wrist watch, but this may be a shortcoming of the test method, or due to the boys having a cold. We'll see what the next ( (a fourth!) check-up in eight months can show.

I also went back to work little over a week ago. Perhaps I shouldn't call it "working" yet - you can definitely question if I do anything productive yet. I only work four hours a day to start with. The first two-three days were needed just to handle all emails that had bees accumulated, and to have a number of short meetings with my team manager and colleagues to plan what should be done until Christmas.

After the first few days I started making attempts to check things of from my to-do-list. But that proved hard. Everything takes for ever to do, either since I have forgotten how to to it or I'm just tired... And working four hour days makes it more difficult. Whenever I'm getting up to speed, it's time for lunch or to go home again...

Before going to work I take Ludvig to school and Siri to daycare. And on the way home I pick them up again. Anna has her hands full with Elin, Oscar and Filip the eight hours in between. 
Here we are, two months old!

Thursday, November 1, 2012

First day at work - NOT!

I should have gone back to work today, but why do something today that you can do tomorrow? ;)

Oscar and Filip had their third hearing check-up today, and since holding one child during the check-up while taking care of the other two simultaneously probably would prove impossible both Anna and I went to the hospital.

Thank God for grandma Catarina who took care of Ludvig and Siri in the meantime, since they are off from school and daycare this week, due to fall break.

How the check-up went is something we'll learn later on.
Lunch at the hospital.
Grandma Ina is busy!
Oscar getting squished by Ludvigs polar bear.