Monday, September 10, 2012

No strings attached

The biggest news from today in the "adventures of the triplets" is that the babies now are considered "stable" enough to be off from the monitoring of oxygen and EKG, as long as they are with us and we stay awake. With "no strings attached" is it now so much easier to do a lot of things. Changing dipers on three babies with wires all over was a challenge. And we were stuck in our room all the time and couldn't move a baby more than 3 meters from the crib.

So today we started of by giving all three a much needed bath.

We then on clothes on our babies for the first time ever (here at the ward they only wear dipers.), put them in a pram and walked 20 meters in the corridors over to the delivery ward, to take the official photo. The tour probably took an hour, since everyone we passed had to take a look and ask a few questions.

This evening we I took the pram and kids to the kitchen and were able to eat together for the first time without any stress for the first time in 12 days. And we had to stop a few times on this tour too, to talk to people.

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