Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Small steps

This day has been full of small steps in the right direction.

Oscar has continued his CPAP on/off training. He's on for half an hour, then off for half an hour. He seems happy - I hope he enjoys the half hours OFF and has learned that the half hours ON are short and something he can stand. This seems to be going in the right direction. :)

All three babies have gained weight over the last 24 hours. Weight loss during the first days was expected, but we now hope that is over. :)

Anna and I took the longest walk together that we've done in over a month. Maybe 500 meter to where we had lunch, and just as far walking back. We also ran into two friends, both working at the hospital, who made us company while we ate. Thanks, Anna A and Ulrika G! :)

This evening Anna and I asked for "permission" for both of us to leave the hospital at the same time. (No one really knew if we needed one, but we asked anyway.) We drove home, brushed the bigger kids' teeth and read them bedtime stories. Siri fell asleep holding my hand. That was quality time!! :)

While reading the stories my mom made us a homemade dinner, to bring back to the hospital and eat tomorrow. Thanks, mom! :)

In all, this was a good day with progress on many fronts - for ALL seven of us. :D

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