Saturday, September 15, 2012

Nothing new on the Aulin front

Over the last couple of days I've had a hard time coming up with new topics to write about on this blog. Nothing new has really happened here.

But, hey, that is a topic!

"Nothing new" is the fact that Filip so far has put on 17% in body weight, on as many days. (His two minute older brother has put on 10% and his four minute older sister has put on 15%.)

"Nothing new" is the fact that both Elin and Oscar are learning to breast feed and thus are we now and then able to decrease the amount we feed them through the tube. (If we remember to put them on the scale before and after they are being nursed, we then know how much they have actually eaten.)

(We have also learnt that the proper term for the feeding tube is "nasogastric tube".)

And Filip has started eating from a cup. If babies are too small or something else prevents them from breast feeding, you can do this. It is said to be the best way to prepare them for being breast fed later on, when a bottle may teach them the wrong technique making it harder to breast feed later on. So when ever Filip is awake at eating time, he gets 6-10 ml in a cup.

Another "nothing" is the fact that the babies are now being fed well over two tablespoons of milk each every two hours. We started of with just little over one table spoon every hour.

The heating mattress is also gone, and as long as mom and dad remembers to put on two blankets all three, especially Filip, holds their body temperature on their own just fine. That was the reason why we could go outside with them yesterday.

So perhaps something is new around here? One thing (or the only one thing?) that is pretty much the same here may be the daily routine. And perhaps that is the key to the change?

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