Friday, June 21, 2013

Elin moves around

Today, on Midsummers eve 21 June, Elin learnt to crawl. 

The fire place in grandma and grandpa's cottage was just too interesting, so she probably decided she just had to get there. 

Oscar and Filip also move around in thee way, and all "talk" a lot. 

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

I'm off

I feel off and I am off in a number of ways at the moment. 

To start with, I'm off from work now. I should have worked my last day on Tuesday last week, but that didn't work out. Well, I did the work I was supposed to do that day, but cleaning up my workspace and desk didn't happen, nor did I have time to say goodbye to my colleagues. So I had to go back for a couple of hours on Thursday to do just that. But now I'm OFF from work for something like 14 months. It's hard to imagine all things that will happen in that space of time and how much E-O-F will have grown and learnt in August 2014. They are close to ten months old now and will be almost two years old then. 

I'm also off when if comes to time of day and the daily routines. While working going to bed and waking up were two fixed points to which most things could be related. But now both these points are no longer necessary to keep and all of a sudden everything feels off. 

The two oldest kids are off to grandma and grandpa for a few days, where they can get really spoiled. You could probably expect that things are easier with only three kids around, but that is not always the case. All of a sudden we relax a bit and our timing is OFF! This morning we left the house one hour behind schedule...