Sunday, April 28, 2013


One thing that has become essential in our kitchen lately is that things need to be stackable.

We used to have a nice set of table and eight chairs in the kitchen. After the last year's family expansion came three bouncy seats (sv: "babysitters"). Then three Bumbo seats (for kids to learn to sit up by them selves). And lately three kid's high chairs. This brought an impossible puzzle - having room for everything, and constantly moving chairs around to get the configuration we needed for a given situation.

The bouncy seats we first had soon was thrown out and exchanged to three that were easy to slide together and put away.

Last week we threw out all regular chairs and eight new STACKABLE was purchased (second hand). And we have postponed the plans to bring in some nice wooden kid's chairs, and we'll stay with the IKEA STACKABLE for the time being.

Now we have a kitchen again. :)

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

The plan ahead

In the beginning of June I'll leave my job and start being a stay-at-home dad again. During the three summer months Anna and I will be at home together but in the end of August or early September she'll go back to her regular job. And I'll be "on my own"!

I'll be home with the kids for done fifteen months until EOF start at daycare in the fall of 2014. It sounds like an eternity and so much will happen in this timeframe. EOF will be three times as old when they start at daycare, than they are today. Just imagine all the things they'll learn and break in all these months.

I currently wonder if I will miss my job during the year. Or will I be to busy? Or will I love it so much that I forget all about work??