Thursday, September 13, 2012

Filip, a handy man does it himself

Filip is proving himself as a handy man that takes care of things on his own if they aren't to his liking.

Back when we were in the ICU Filip had extra oxygen through a CPAP in his nose. This he didn't like, I guess it was annoying. So he pulled it out of his nose a number of times - the nurses put it back in, and he pulled it off. Finally the staff came to the conclusion that he could have it his way, and from then he managed without any extra oxygen or extra air.

Today it was the tube in his nose, through where he gets his food (like his two siblings), that he couldn't stand. So he pulled it out. We had to call a nurse assistant who helped us put in a new tube. He didn't like it either.

While Filip got his new tube Oscar decided that he should be as good as his brother, so he pulled out hit tube. This time a nurse taught me how to put in a new tube.

I guess Filip thanked his brother for the distortion, since he used the opportunity to pull out his brand new tube. Filip isn't the one that gives up very easily. So I got to train how to put in a tube one more time.

Currently Filip has got that second tube still in place, but I doubt that the war over the tube is won - this was only the first battle, if you ask Filip.

Filip is our sleepy head!

Another thing Filip does on his own is to hold his hand over his ear when his sister makes to much noise!

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