Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Pros and cons

We have today experienced both the good and the bad side of the healthcare in this country.

We have felt lucky and privileged on a number of occasions today. We've seen the hospital reorganize and reprioritize in order to provide state of the art care for a very young life. I don't doubt for a second that what they managed to deliver was world class. Our thoughts go to the family that are caught in the middle of it all.

Less dramatic, but still wonderful, is the care we get for our three pretty much healthy babies, all for free. Just the countless syringes we have used to feed our kids today must have cost a smaller fortune. Not mentioning the staff and their training and expertise.

On the other hand, our thoughts today go to a loved relative, who has been struggling for months to have her symptoms taken seriously and to be checked properly, only to get a very serious diagnosis after a too long delay. Too many have previously said that "you need to be well to be able to be sick in this country". Fighting the system often take too much effort. Once on the inside you probably get a world class care, but the road to get in is often far from world class...

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