Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Off the heat

Today's biggest news is that the heat mattress has been removed. From now on we hope that the babies can control their body temperature on their own. An extra blanket is the only thing we've added so far, and they still keep a normal body temperature. And they sleep as well as ever, here illustrated by Elin.
Today is also special since we today can celebrate that the babies now are two weeks old! Anna took the car and drove to our favourite steak house and picked up a very nice dinner for us. We put the babies in their pram and brought them with us to the common kitchen and enjoyed the best dinner in months!

1 comment:

  1. Vad bra! Vi läser om embryonalutveckling och hjärnan just nu, och anledningen till att premisar inte kan hålla temperaturen uppe är att hypothalamus är den del i hjärnan som mognar sist under utvecklingen. Där sitter centra för temperaturreglering :) Synintryck tar också tid att lära sig hantera (även för fullgångna barn), medan känselcentra är aktivt redan tidigt i graviditeten!
    Hälsa alla!