Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Three times OK

Last night the ECG, breathing and oxygen levels of Elin and Filip were monitored. And they passed with flying colours! So now all three babies have an OK stamped in their butt!
Screen shot from Disney's "Santas Workshop" from 1932.
The consequence of this is that we no longer hook up the babies to any monitors at any time, as they are considered "medically stable" and we can move about in the hospital as we choose. So today we took a "long" walk (500 meters?) indoors to the main building to visit the pharmacy, buy a few things and to "show off" the babies for a few former colleagues.
Along the way back we experienced how it might be to go for a walk in the future. The cashier in the mini-mart and two complete (lady) strangers stopped us to ask about the triplets and talk about them. It took 15 minutes longer to walk back than it took going to the main building...

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