Monday, September 17, 2012

Tick boxes

Today we have ticked of two (of many) things that needed to be done before going home will be an option.

Last night Oscar was hooked up to a monitor that recorded his ECG, breathing and oxygen levels over eight hours. Before the doctors are willing to send home any preemie, they want to confirm these things are working as they should be. The results were seemingly satisfactory and from now on Oscar will be off the monitors day and night.

We have also changed the frequency we feed the babies. Eating every other hour is good for growth, but it would be suicidal to try to keep that schedule once we go home. It would hade driven us nuts. So we are now feeding every three hours instead. It actually works so far - we had doubted that Filip would be able to take all the milk we need to give him in one go.

The coming night Filip and Elin will be hooked up to monitors for their "checkup", and in parallel the new food regimen will continue to be tested. Will they sleep? Will they have gained weight tomorrow?

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