Sunday, September 2, 2012


The babies seem to be developing their own personalities.

Elin is the one that cares for her brothers. But she is also the one that is awake the most, is looking at everything and is constantly hungry. She starts to make sounds when it is half an hour to next meal.

Filip is our sleepyhead. He seems to be able to sleep all day, and to fall asleep anywhere and in any position.

Oscar is (besides being annoyed by his breathing mask) demanding to be fed lying on his stomach. He also loves to sleep, but falls short of Filip's ability in this field.

The general status of Sunday 2 September is pretty much like yesterday. Oscar still sometimes needs a bit of extra oxygen. Elin and Filip take turns under the light therapy lamp (with super hero masks) and/or need a litte bit of help to stay warm. Anna and I slept seven hours strait last night, but still feel a bit drowsy today... Anna can blame breast feeding and hormones - what can I blame???

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