Thursday, October 18, 2012

Visit at the agency

Today we visited my workplace, the Medical Products Agency and the Regulatory department.
Oscar, Elin and Filip in the pram during the stroll through the corridors of the MPA.
Photo by Maria Christiansson.
While mom and dad and dad's all colleagues had cake, Elin, Filip and Oscar grew extremely hungry. Good thing Helena and Caroline could help out!
Once fed and full lots of people gathered around for a closer look.
Visiting a governmental agency is tiring. Oscar, Elin and Filip took a long nap going home and in the pram afterwards.

Thanks for all good cake and the presents (sets to make hand/foot prints to put in frames along with a photo). The only remark the Aulin family has is that the Regulatory department need to learn to eat more cake - we got too much leftovers! ;-)

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