Tuesday, October 30, 2012

No more preemies

The period with "preemies" is now over. During the last few days Filip used the last few diapers for preemies, and we now only have the type of diapers you find in any supermarket. (Filip and Elin use the smallest size 1, but Oscar has already moved on to size 2.)

We have also packed away all clothes in sizes 40-45 that we used in the first few weeks at home. Filip needed them the longest, but now they don't fit anymore. (Elin and Oscar now usually use size 56 and Filip 50.) The preemies clothes will be shipped of to another family that are expecting triplets, due in December.
From top to bottom: Elin, Filip and Oscar.



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  1. Jag förstår inte...
    Era barn verkar ju sova hela tiden.
    Gör barn sånt?

    Mitt gör det i alla fall inte :)