Sunday, October 7, 2012

All these questions

I visited my workplace last Friday. It was nice to see my much appreciated colleagues again, and get some time with my bosses to plan what to do when I return. (The plan is to return part time on November 1st.)

Talking to the colleagues I know well about everything that has happened was something I almost had looked forward to. I'm a very proud father that like when friends ask things and are interested in getting to know how things are these days. Thanks all friend for caring and listening!

But I do have a hard time talking with people I don't know these days. Regardless if people find out of the triplets when they see the pram, or if someone has told someone who told someone, I still find it amazing which questions strangers find it okay to ask.

I doubt that anyone would go up to any new parent and ask if their child is a result of an IVF. If someone did, especially if he or she didn't know the other, you would probably consider that person being mentally disturbed. But when a stranger sees triplets, that question is often the second or third that pops out... Why should it be different with triplets?

We've been thinking of how to respond to the question. The best we've come up with so far is to say "And how are your ovaries?" or "And how is your prostate?". We think that are as personal questions, and doubt that any stranger woman/man will choose to answer.

A similar, to us personal, question often asked by strangers is about how much breast milk Anna has to give to the babies. We need to come up with a response to that one too.

So, if you're the curious kind, please start by asking how I am doing and how it all feels. And maybe we'll talk for a while and you will learn lots of things - most of which you didn't even have questions for.

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