Monday, October 1, 2012


We have now started to introduce formula. The aim is to over the coming week or two shift from breast milk to formula. This includes to use all the milk we have in the freezer. Anna managed to pump more milk than was consumed during the hospital stay, and this is something we won't throw away.

Formula is a new experience for us. We haven't really decided if formula is a good or bad thing. Our two older kids only had breast milk before we started introducing regular food, so the use of something else this early on feels a bit weird. And we are not used to all the work with boiling water and mixing. I guess it I'll come to us sooner than later.

Despite the mixed feelings we cannot see any other solution for the feeding, other than formula. Nursing three babies would be work 24-7. Using a breast pump and then feed the babies using bottles have worked for a few weeks, but it would be too exhausting in the long run. So formula it is.

We'll just try to stick to the hospital recommendation, to use breast milk for the most part until mid October, when the babies should have been born if carries full term.

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