Monday, October 8, 2012

The older kids

A relevant question is how the older kids are coping and reacting to their new younger siblings.

Ludvig and Siri are quite different from each other in this respect.

Siri are very interested and wants to help with everything; feeding, holding, carrying, changing diapers, and so on. Off cause, we won't let her do all these things and the ones she gets to do is only under close supervision. She tends to get new ideas very quickly, forgetting the small person in her lap in the process... She is also a bit too hard handed when handling the babies.

Ludvig on the other hand is very gentle and soft with his new siblings. Gently touching their heads is about as much as he do. In the beginning he sneaked close to the babies when he thought no one was watching. So he is very curious.

Both Ludvig and Siri have stepped up how much they are willingly to help out. Tidying up in their room, set the table, put their plates in the dishwasher and so on is a little bit easier to have them do these days. On the other hand especially Siri has also stepped up the attempts on getting some extra attention. Nothing big, yet...

We still try to keep the things we've don with the kids weekly, like swim classes and scouts' meetings. Going over to the neighbors' houses to play is another way to "escape" the siblings for an hour or two. Thanks neighbors!!

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