Saturday, October 6, 2012

Flying solo

From this morning, when grandma Margareta went back home, we're flying solo. As the older kids said "Now things are almost back to how they should be".

Despite not having an extra pair of hands in the house we managed to do a few things today:

Siri and I attended her swim class. That's a so positive thing. She now swims two three meters without assistance, dives head first into the pool and dives with me to the bottom (4 feet) to pick up stuff.

Ludvig played with the kids of a family that recently moved into our neighborhood.

I cleaned up in the garden for something like 45 minutes, and it's now ready for the last run with the lawn mower of the season tomorrow.

And we made fajitas for dinner - and that is really a classic dinner in this family.

So, in some respects things are going back to normal, yet things will never be the same again in this house.

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