Monday, October 8, 2012


Our three youngest will be baptized on January 12, 2013. Here are a little bit of info on the full names of the new Aulin siblings:

Elin - Maria - Elisabeth
Elin is the fourth girl called Elin Aulin that we know of, so this is a common name in the Aulin family. Johan has a second cousin called Elin and his mother's mother's mother was called Elin.
Maria is from mom Anna-Maria and Anna-Maria's cousin Maria.
Elisabeth was the name of Elin's mother's mother's sister, who unfortunately left this earth much too early.

Oscar - Björn - Gunnar
Oscar was a name that we both liked. It's royal - two Swedish kings have been called Oscar.
Björn is Oscar's mother's father.
Gunnar was the name of Oscar's father's father's father.

Filip - Johan - Holger
Filip was also a name that we both liked. It is also royal, like Ludvig and Oscar. Our king's second child is Prince Carl Philip.
Johan is from dad Johan.
Holger is Filip's mother's father's father.

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