Friday, December 7, 2012

Is a fight worth fighting?

All since this summer, we've been struggling on and of with our county's (Uppsala kommun) administration regarding Siri's daycare.

Normally (in Sweden) children with a stay-at-home parent are only allowed to be at daycare part time. I guess the thinking is that the tax money should be used for the kids that need daycare the most. But "most kids" in this context only have one younger sibling (or perhaps two), and mom or dad only need to look after two or three kids at a time.

Our family situation is a bit different.

If one parent is at home he or she has the hands full taking care of three babies - adding the work needed to pick up a fourth kid from daycare, feed and keep her stimulated is just to much.

Hardly anyone have any trouble accepting this as a fact.

Unless you're our local county...

This struggle is now in the third or fourth round, and we still don't know if we're winning. We have a number of letters from all kinds of places, all giving support to our claim. We hope we're lucky this time around - a new decision should be in the mail any day now.

Time and energy to fight bureaucrats is not something we have very much of. Over the last few months we have chosen not to fight bureaucracy a number of times - making it from day to day has been more important. But this fight is not one of them - we can't see an alternative if we are to make it through the days and weeks.

So keep your fingers crossed.

And if the bureaucrats haven't come to the obvious decision - we already know the next move. There are loopholes in all systems!


  1. Har er förskola sagt nej och skickat er till kommunen? Då skulle jag byta förskola. Jag jobbar som administratör på en förskola och jag och rektorn skulle snacka ihop oss och sen lösa situationen. Vädja till rektorn, klart de kan göra undantag. De måste bara flyga lite lågt med det.

  2. Jag hoppas verkligen det ordnar sig, så galet!

    Fotot är härligt, det ser ut som tre små dockor i soffan!

  3. Förskolan gjorde nog vad de kunde, men kommunens centrala administration sade stopp. Det blev totalt tre ansökningar och ett antal telefonsamtal innan de gav med sig - se De hävdade in i det sista att vi inte visat att vi hade något särkilt behov.