Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Delayed by snow

A few weeks ago I thought "I think I'm getting the hang of this". I shouldn't have done that.

I went back to work on November 1st. After something like three weeks I started to get the logistics side of life together. Getting up at 6.30, getting Ludvig and Siri out of bed and having them dressed and fed, provide a few bottles of baby milk to Anna (who then took care of the baby feeding part) and be outside the house before 8. That way I could take the kids by bike to school and daycare and be at work at 9. (I even manages to reverse the time schedule a full hour once, making the 8.09 train from downtown going to a conference in Stockholm!)

It was then the thought struck me.

And then came the snow. 10-15 inches at one time. And then riding the bike to work stopped working. And having the kids walk with me to school and then Siri and I continued to daycare took forever! And my logistics schedule was delayed by at least 30 minutes.

Thank good the snow and cold stayed on. We have now, two weeks in, a cold ground with hard, compact snow on it. And you can pull a sled on this.

So my delay is now down to something like ten minutes (the bike ride is replaced with a bus trip), and there is room for improvement. I just might starting to get to work in time on a daily basis any day now.

But I won't say I'm getting the hang of it. God knows what could happen then!

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