Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Christmas is tiring

We had a nice Christmas eve yesterday. (For you overseas; Christmas eve is "the big day" here.) We skipped making any Christmas food ourselves, and opted to go to a restaurant and eat "Julbord" (the traditional Swedish Christmas buffet). Back home Santa had dumped his big sack on our doorstep (to the older kids joy and sadness*). Opening all the gifts was the usual chaos.

It must have been exhausting for our youngest. They fell asleep halfway through (at something like 6 PM) only to wake up to be fed once or twice during the evening.

At the usual hour, 11 PM, I put them to bed one after the other and then went to bed myself. (Anna had gone to bed earlier.)

We woke up at 6.30 AM! It was Elin an Filip that wanted breakfast, had it and went back to sleep within 15 minutes. Oscar slept on until 8.30! I took him with me and let the others sleep on. Anna, Elin and Filip slept until after 10!

So, despite all the nice Christmas gifts Anna and I got last night, the Christmas morning gift was the best one ever! The timing of EOF's first full night of sleep without interuptions couldn't have been better! Thank you Elin, Oscar an Filip!

*) Siri and Ludvig loved the presents off course, but Siri was also upset that Santa had left his bag behind and needed it back.

Filip sleeping with one of his Christmas gifts, a tiger.

Oscar sleeping in Anna's lap with his gifts still unopened.

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