Sunday, September 8, 2013

Just an ordinary weekend

We didn't do anything particular this weekend. My mother-in-law Margareta visited and we only...
- picked (Anna, Margareta, Ludvig and Siri) and boiled (Johan) 23 corn cobs
- took two kids to their swim classes (Anna)
- joined some friends for a wine tasting (Johan)
- made two kilograms of strawberry jam
- made a kilogram of rhubarb marmalade 
- took a car for a test drive
- defrosted two freezers
- (almost) learnt how to ride a bicycle (Siri)
- changed and washed the small kids all bed sheets
- gave the triplets their bath
- learnt how to climb up into a small arm chair (Elin and Filip)

Other than that we didn't do much. I guess we have built up quite a tempo in our daily life - we hardly notice the things we do around here. :-/

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