Friday, October 25, 2013

How long is an eternity?

Accrding to recent studies an eternity is somewhere between 30 and 40 minutes.

That is, anyway, how long it takes me from I decide it's time to go out until I'm outside the door with three kids changed, dressed and put in the stroller. I've worked on the routine quite a bit but I only seem to cut seconds or single minutes of this time - and it still feels like an eternity. 

I keep fooling my self when I try to plan the coming hours (get out, go there, do that, go home, pick up x, and so on). I always believe I can be out the door in twenty minutes, but end up being twenty minutes behind schedule from the very begining.

When will I learn? 
Photo: Filip, Oscar and Elin on the bus heading to town. Today 25 minutes behind schedule. 

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