Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Tuesday, no routine

It's Tuesday again. Anna is off horseback riding again. And I had promised myself that I needed a better managed routine to get all kids in bed on time.

But to establish a routine you need one thing - something that repeats itself. You prepare for something that you know is going to happen, hence you manage it better the second time around. And even better the third. 

We did prepare a little bit better today. Anna read the older kids a pre-bedtime story before she took off to the stables. I prepared the milk for the small ones. And I was ready for a good hour's work. 

But. I put all three small kids in their cribs. No protesting. All the lay down immediately. They all accepted a bottle held in place by a blanket, a pillow or a stuffed animal. All drank and fell asleep in less than ten minutes. They were just too tired. 

The older kids got to watch a kids TV show at the computer in the meantime. I even got to read a chapter in my book (waiting for the TV show to end) before I brushed their teeth and both quietly went to bed.

So. Lessons learned? I don't know. I still have no routine on how to get kids in bed on time next Tuesday! Or do I?

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