Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Tuesday nights

It's Tuesday night. I think I will need to work on a routine for these nights.

Anna has now begun taking horse back riding classes again. They are at Tuesday evenings and she needs to leave the house at 6.45 and won't be back until 9 at the earliest. 

The three small kids usually "run out of batteries" at 7.30 and they then need milk to go to sleep and sleep through the night. Siri needs to be in bed by 8 (in order to get up in the morning in time for kindergarten) and Ludvig soon afterwards.

How do I manage to feed three small ones, brush teeth on two other kids and then read two bedtime stories and get five kids in bed, preferably by 8...?

My first attempt (today) was to bring all kids, milk bottles and books to the master bedroom. I feed Oscar some of his milk (he was the most tired kid), while managing the brushing of teeth with my other hand. I then put Oscar to bed (just a few meters away) and begun reading nighttime stories. Filip and Elin crawled around in the floor in the meantime, but they kept getting stuck under the beds or elsewhere, or hit their heads on other furniture. So the reading was interrupted too many times and kids cried a bit too much. And Oscar couldn't go to sleep in all that noise. 

I finally managed to send the two oldest to bed at 8.20. By then Filip was a bit too tired and hardly wanted any of his milk; he just fell asleep. Elin had most of her milk in bed, with me in a very uncomfortable position holding her bottle. 

But all three small kids are asleep at 8.45 and the two older ones are at least resting in their beds.

I'll see what improvements I can come up with for next week!

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