Saturday, November 24, 2012

In sync or not?

Since Elin, Oscar and Filip started sharing one bed and we took care of the feeding ourselves at the hospital, have we fed them in sync. The idea was that if one was allowed to continue to sleep when the others were fed, he or she would wake up soon demanding food - and as a consequence we would never get more than an hour of sleep at the time. So we chose to always feed all three at the same time.

We have lately left this philosophy, or are at least questioning it. Oscar has twice slept through a full night without eating. Elin and Filip are gradually sleeping longer and longer. Waking up two kids to feed them sometimes causes quite some noise and that half hour is far from cozy.

So most nights these days we just pick up the baby that starts to wake up, quickly feed and put him or her back to sleep. Many times one of us can do this without waking up any other person. This way many nights are now less noisy and we get more sleep.

But it doesn't work all nights - now and then the method keeps us both up for hours... Everything has pros and cons.

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